Arts & Academic Publications

journal articles

Philps, E (2022) GPS Embroidery: walking as re-articulation of the written maternalised landscape, Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, DOI: 10.1080/13569783.2022.2116975

Philps, E (2021) Just to get out of the house: a maternal lens on suburban walking as arts practice, Journal of Cultural Geography, DOI: 10.1080/08873631.2021.1913924


Philps, E (2019) The mother artist in the age of performance reproduction, in: Marchevska, E (ed): Maternal subjectivities, London, Routledge Gender Studies.

Philps, E (2019) A global positioning system – On “finding myself”” in the Romantic Landscape,in K Johnson and J Johnston: Maternal geographies: mothering in and out of place, Bradford, Canada. Demeter Press.

artist pages

Philps, E (2017) In: Study Room Guide to walking women, London, Live Art Development Agency (contributing artist).  Https://

Philps, E (2016) In: Study Room Guide to Live Art and motherhood, London, Live Art Development Agency (contributing artist).

Philps, E (2015) In: Ways to wander, Qualmann, C, and Hind, C., Triarchy Press, Devon, September 2015 (contributing artist).


Philps, E (2018) ‘S’ – a response from home, in Butler, C. and Filipska, G: “S: from Fordham to Ucluelet” for STEP exhibition, Flux Factory, Queens Museum, New York.

Philps, E. and Haydock-Wilson, A. (2018). Feminist art sharing in the 1970s – a View from the Instagram Age.  In: Still we rise: Art within the cracks of women’s lives (Arts Council funded publication), (1), pp.16-19.

Philps, E. (2017) the Pilgrimage of the Prodigal Daughter: a journey towards a practice. In: Re: Jacqueline Morreau; mythologies and the marginalised. Exhibition Zine pp.48-49